Month: December 2015

Divine, Delectable, Delicious… Christmas Cookies 2015

IMG_1716 (2)

Typically Christmas time is like…well Christmas for me! I love to bake. So, the holidays give me the excuse to make multiple goodies and not have to eat them all myself. This year, I wasn’t able to take Christmas Eve off and with work being increasingly busy, it resulted in doing all my baking on the 23rd. I was up until 3:30am and only got a mere 2 1/2hrs of sleep…it was not the best night.

Originally, I was just going to bake Black Sesame Chocolate Chip Cookies, but then I stupidly added on Sugar Cookies. The logic for the sugar cookies was actually simple: I have so many holiday cookie cutters, and there is only one time of the year to use them. Surprisingly, the start of the process was easy, and I felt very confident. It was not until the reality of icing the sugar cookies was shoved in my face that I realized my decision might not have been the best. I like to do “as proper” sugar cookies as possible – which entails making multiple batches of icing – piping, flooding and details. The ENTIRE process takes time…which was not in abundance. Needless to say, the results were not everything I hoped for…but more on that later.  (more…)


Sip of the Month – December 2015

I decided to start doing a Sip/Tea of the Month and share which tea I have been enjoying the most. Let me say that December is not an easy month to start with – there are so many seasonal teas in the competition!

After thinking about ALL the cups I have drank in the past month (and trust me this is an extremely large number), it finally occurred to me which tea shines in the spotlight! Drumroll please……. DAVIDsTEA Mint Matcha!


Yes. Parsley is in the background, not mint. But hey, at least it’s green!


Time to Steep #6

IMG_4274 (2)

Steep Theme: TJ Maxx – Holiday Time Tea Selection
Listening to: Acoustic Christmas (Spotify Playlist)
Sipping on: Bigelow Peppermint

Something I love/hate about the holidays: the enormous selection of items that appear EVERYWHERE, especially at TJ Maxx (and company). I call it a love/hate because as much as I love that there is more selection, I hate that it’s not there the rest of the year. There is nothing worse than the plague that hits at the end of winter period, right before the stock switches over to spring…just dreadful.


Cobblestones and the Magic that Surrounds You

Sipping on: Dilmah Blackcurrant Tea, Water & Prosecco
Catching up on: Zoella Vlogmas Videos

After almost two years, I finally returned to NYC. It amazed me how long it had actually been. I hold this place so close to my heart that even when we are separated, it always feels close to me. Every time I return, I must admit, it makes me miss it more and more. My dream of living in a city always ignites. Last weekend, I was in that euphoric state of mind.



Time to Steep #5


There is nothing like your first…..first DAVIDsTEA post that is!

To say that I love DAVIDsTEA is an understatements. It’s a brand I tell everyone to try, and I don’t usually go a day without drinking at least one cup. I must admit, my secret dream is to own everyone single tea, proudly display them in my future home, and then causally offer up my selection when guests come over. It will truly be a fantastic day. Okay, just needed to get that off my chest so you have a better idea of what my obsession level is. Anyway…DAVIDsTEA 100% deserves to have some love shinned on them, but I want to save my praises and admiration for another post. Why might you ask am I doing that for? Well, honestly…this is going to be quite the long post all on its own! Any more words would probably be unbearable to read, as I am already well beyond what a sane person would write.

The reason for the long post: MY HOLIDAY/WINTER TEA REVIEW!


My Mental Health Journey – Part 1

PSA: I am sharing my journey for me. Admitting what has been happening is one of the hardest things I have ever done, and I am still not at that level of admitting what’s happening to a lot of people I know. This is my first step forward. Mental health is serious and anyone struggling should always be treated with respect. If you aren’t sure if your words to someone in this situation are appropriate, always ask yourself “would I say this to someone who has a physical illness, like cancer?” Be respectful. Always. Plain and Simple.

My incomplete homage to such a lovely artist

My incomplete homage to such a lovely artist

My Story: There are two mental health issues that I have been living with – one has been a loyal companion for the better part of my life, while the other is a newer surprise. They are: anxiety and depression. While I accept all the challenges that anxiety has to offer, depression was something I was just not equipped to handle/comprehend.


Time to Steep #4


Tis’ the Season – Celestial Seasonal Favorites (or Holiday Teas)

It’s always joyous trying seasonal products. Sure they might not always taste great or be what you expected, but the excitement of just trying is worth while! I think everyone can agree that there are no better seasonal flavors than Holiday/Winter ones. Today, I wanted to review Celestial Seasonal Favorites to kick off this holiday season!


Nights In (Cozy Holiday Nights)


While my days here might not be as cold as normal, there is still plenty of darkness and chills that exist in the later nights to send me into a “Cozy Holiday” feeling. Christmas is a bittersweet time for me – whilst I adore the joy and happiness that fills the air, it always saddens me to know that, like everything else, it must eventually end. But while I could sit and dwell upon this fact for endless hours, I must remember it’s only the beginnings of this festive period! I am going to make the most out of it, and that starts with a typical, cozy night.


False Lashes Art

“We try to hide our feelings, but we forget that our eyes speak.”

Happy Sunday!

Months ago I stumbled across this piece on Pinterest. From the moment I saw it, I knew I had to create something similar to this. Since there are SO many false lashes in the market, I will inevitably be making another one…and possibly another one! Sometimes I just can’t handle the beauty of false lashes; each pair tells a story!! Don’t you agree?!?

It took me time to decide on the lashes (thank you Halloween), and then even more time to find a frame with depth. Why is it that when you need a specific type of frame, it all of a sudden cannot be found anywhere?!?

IMG_1300 (2)