Tea 102 – Concoct & Enjoy


Time for part 2 of my tea adventure! Originally, I thought I could combine all of this into one post…but no. It would have been way too much (and quite honestly Tea 101 is probably already too long). Find part 1 here.

Concoct & Enjoy is probably my favorite part, but I am pretty sure I’m not alone on this front. I love trying new types of teas and recipes. I always find it incredible how one tea can be made multiple ways to suit different needs, tastes, moods, or satisfactions.

What Items Do I Add to My Teas
Agave (Both Light and Dark)
Demerara Sugar

IMG_1380 (2)

I usually only add Demerara or even Organic Cane Sugar if I am out of agave (or if I am drinking Yorkshire Gold). More often than not, it’s a last resort method. Personally, I prefer agave because it melds evenly and quickly.

So how does the whole concoction begin? With my fabulous (and ever growing) tea mountain. When people look at my collection and ask for suggestions, I immediately start with: “Milk or No Milk?” I find that it is usually a good baseline. Tea with milk added tends to be richer, and it might not be suitable when you are feeling full (or might not be suitable if you don’t drink milk). My follow up question is typically: “Dessert tea or more calming?” A good way to position to add sweetener or not. Again, if it’s right after a meal, a sweet tea might not be the best choice. After this point, I just bring up basic tea tastes, like earthy or fruity, to gauge their likes. No matter what, it always ends with sniffing at least half the collection! I equate it to candles..can you really just sniff one??

Now, I wanted to share one of my FAVORITE special tea drinks:


Cotton Candy Latte
2 TSP DAVIDsTEA Cotton Candy Tea (Seasonal)
8oz Water
1/4C (or a large splash) Non-fat milk
1 Tsp Agave

Boil water and pour loose tea into steeper. Once water is at right temp, pour into steeper and let rest for 5-9min. I usually let this go for a while – I find that leaving it in for a longer period does not ruin the taste. While steeping, coat the bottom of your mug with agave. Towards the last minute or two of your steep time, froth your milk. I have an espresso machine and an electric milk frother, so I just use the one I’m more willing to clean up. Then I dispense tea into mug and stir to incorporate agave. Finally, pour steamed milk and enjoy!

It might seem excessive to add more agave to an already sweeter tea, but I drink this usually as a dessert substitution. So I want that sweetness there. I mean I am drinking Cotton Candy after all…so it should taste a little like sugar haha P.S. If you are not into milk, or can’t have it, this tea still taste equally amazing without!

BONUS! Here is a second recipe I just fell in love with:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Rose Milk Tea
3-4tsp Rose Water (flavor to taste)
1 cup Boiling Water
1/4-1/2 cup Milk
Agave to sweeten

Put rose water into cup. Boil water and then pour into cup. Once milk is warmed or frothed, combine with rest. Sweeten as needed.

I hope you enjoyed this little series! How do you drink you tea? Is there any methods, recipes or techniques you use? Please share 🙂 I love tea knowledge!

With love, Steph


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