Font Practicing & Just a Little Uplifting


“Blessed are the weird people, the poets & misfits, the artists, the writers & music makers, the dreamers, and the outsiders for they force us to see the world differently.”

One of the most difficult tasks for me is to relax my mind. In university, it would take me over 2hrs+ to fall asleep because I just couldn’t shut off my mind. I always used those moments before bed as “my time”. Similar to being in the showing, the moments before sleep were one of the very few guiltless times in the day when I could think about what ever I wanted. I am by no means advocating this because, trust me, this much thinking at once is unhealthy. When your thoughts are so numerous that you can’t fall asleep, you are not doing any favors for your mind or body.

While I thankfully, for the most part, learned to relinquish those thoughts before bed so I can actually sleep, I do find them creeping into my life in other ways. One of the biggest is when I try to do art! I find myself thinking so much that I become hesitant and apprehensive. Art relaxes me – that’s why I love to do it. But when your mind is battling, the last thing it wants to do is let you break free. While I might still have a piece that has been a work-in-progress for months now, I did manage to explore some form of creativity with these quotes. I find calligraphy exhilarating!

For the above picture, I found this lovely quote and lettering design on Pinterest here. I decided to spice mine up by sketching all around. Words cannot fully describe how much I adore and appreciate quotes like this. People have to be continuously reminded of how everyone is constructed differently. The lens in which you see the world is unique and unlike the person next to you. Artists are such a good example of this because they don’t see the world as it is, but rather as it could be. Endless possibilities.


“That’s the thing about this type of light, it has the power to pick you up even when you’re on the lowest grounds.”

My next favorite little quote is this one above – it’s my own I came up with the other day. It was Sunday, and as per usual, I watched the latest video of MY FAVORITE Youtubers, The Michalaks. I have been re-watching all the videos from the start and could not believe how long I have been on their life journey with them. I love how they are themselves; it’s refreshing and brave. Honestly, Hannah was and is my inspiration for so many reasons (I could blab about her forever and also her husband Steff is hilarious). They are the perfect duo – which leads me back to this past week’s video and this quote. You can watch the video here. Let me preface by saying this is not their typical video, and they are quick to point that out. You should honestly check out their weekly vlogs because Steff edits videos that make you envious – he is known for his silky montages.

Anyway, back to the video! I had already learned tidbits about their relationship just by being a long time viewer, but they shined some beautiful light on the kind of couple they really are. They made me smile and laugh all at the same time, like when I heard about how they met and how hard they fell for each other. Their love got me reflecting on myself and in what direction I want my life to go in. With this quote, I wanted the “LIGHT” to be whatever it means for you. Maybe it’s the stars, the sun, or a person. For some, like myself, you might not even know what that light is yet. It is just important to know that is does exist out there, and you just have to have that belief.

What are some of your favorite quotes right now? Are any of them your favorite for a particular reason?

With love, Steph



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  1. I know exactly what you mean. My mind’s always got so much going on and usually it’s always before bed. I kind of do feel like it being my own time as it’s just me and my thoughts. I usually think of the best ideas when i should be falling asleep.

    Nazira | Love Hijab Girl | Bloglovin


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