Valentine’s Day Plans/Ideas

Valentine's Day Gifts

With the weekend of love fast approaching, I wanted to throw out a little something as to what I am doing this weekend (gifts & activities).

My boyfriend surprised me with tickets to see a Broadway Show on Saturday. As of right now, we are going to see Kinky Boots. Our plans are to spend most of the day in the city, eat, and then see the show. The only downside: it’s supposed to be one of the coldest days of the season.  I know shocking right?!? It has been unseasonably warm thus far and the one time a cold front comes, I have plans to walk throughout New York. Evening temps will be in the negative degrees…freeze me now. Hopefully I’ll be able to take pictures and share them with you guys!

St. Patrick's Cathedral NYC

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

With all the Saturday plans, we are going to just take it easy on Sunday. This day is actually also our 2 Year Anniversary #insertclichehere. I have plans to make two things during day! First, is the most delicious Cinnamon Roll recipe you have ever set your eyes on. Taralynn, of Simply Taralynn, posted her own personal recipe, and I am addicted. This is my go-to recipe…always. Everything about this mouth watering treat is flawless (especially the frosting). P.S. I do add a little bit more cinnamon and sugar for mine, just my personal preference! Check out her Cinnamon Rolls and her blog! She was actually one of the first bloggers I EVER stumbled upon! Taralynn was one of the people who got me interested in the blogging world. I have loved seeing her grow as a person over the years – she is truly a remarkable soul.

Cinnamon Rolls

Simply Taralynn Cinnamon Rolls

The second thing I want to make are gummy candies. I have never attempted to make them before, so I’ll let you know how it goes! I was thinking of choosing one of these recipes: one, two, three, or four. Haven’t decided yet. In my weekend update, I’ll let you know how it all went!

Besides the places we are going to and the items I am baking, I am also putting my creativity to good use! I am making a few gifts to go along with the weekend. So far, I bought a felt envelope from Target that I am going to use to store multiple letters. Additionally, I bought some felt fortune cookies that I am going to add personal little fortunes inside. All of these will go inside this cute box I picked up from Walmart.

Cards, Felt Fortune Cookies, Felt Envelope, Valentine's Day Box

I also bought these cheeky, little coloring books that have cute little animal pictures and, more importantly, puns. I am going to color in a few pages, and then write little notes throughout the books. Isn’t this adorable?!?!

"Quill you be mine?" Valentine's Day Coloring Book Page

Finally, I will also be doing my typical “Hooked on You” gummy tackle box. I made it last year, and on any holiday/birthday that requires a gift, I always fill this up. This year it will be stocked with these new gummies from Trader Joes, the typical sour & plain gummy worms, blue sharks, sour octopus and Swedish Fish.

Hooked on You, Letters, Reasons Why I Love You

Valentine’s Day 2015 Gifts

Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans this weekend? Or even Anti-Valentine’s Day plans? No matter what your stance is on this holiday, I just wanted to say thank you to all those that read my blog. Sending warm & loving thoughts your way XOXO

With love, Steph


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