I’m Moving!!!


Hello Everyone!!

I’ve moved sites! Visit me below:

Hope to see you there!

With love, Steph


Frozen Weekend

NYC Train Ride - View of the Docks

Due to the extremely cold weather over the past weekend, my ideal notion of spending Saturday in the city was quickly shattered. Since I knew we could only handle 10 minute intervals outside, we chose to arrive later (closer to show time). I always get excited going to New York because that means I get to take the train – but specifically, the train into Grand Central. Sorry Penn Station, but you will never be any real competition to Grand.


Valentine’s Day Plans/Ideas

Valentine's Day Gifts

With the weekend of love fast approaching, I wanted to throw out a little something as to what I am doing this weekend (gifts & activities).


Little Life Update!


I just felt like I needed to do a life update. I haven’t posted or interacted online in days…and it’s now beginning to feel strange!

Over the last week, I have been having some eye issues. My vision had an overall haziness to it, and it was exhausting to well…look. I would wear my glasses, but things were just hazy enough that all I wanted was to close my eyes. Thankfully, I was able to go to the doctor this Saturday. I was prescribed drops for my eyes. Hopefully this medicine will help. If it doesn’t, then my doctor basically told me that my eyes have a “cold” – meaning its viral and I just have to wait it out. I’ve been on the drops for a day now, and I notice a difference already. So fingers cross it’s not a virus!


My Mental Health Journey – Part 2

IMG_3715 (1)

Time for part 2 of my mental illness journey! Find Part 1 here. I lightly mentioned my life journey with anxiety previously, and this post is a further peak through that window.

Unlike depression, anxiety has been a companion for many years. I’m at a point now where I can no longer remember when my anxiety even began…that’s how integrated it is into my life.


Cobblestones and the Magic that Surrounds You

Sipping on: Dilmah Blackcurrant Tea, Water & Prosecco
Catching up on: Zoella Vlogmas Videos

After almost two years, I finally returned to NYC. It amazed me how long it had actually been. I hold this place so close to my heart that even when we are separated, it always feels close to me. Every time I return, I must admit, it makes me miss it more and more. My dream of living in a city always ignites. Last weekend, I was in that euphoric state of mind.



My Mental Health Journey – Part 1

PSA: I am sharing my journey for me. Admitting what has been happening is one of the hardest things I have ever done, and I am still not at that level of admitting what’s happening to a lot of people I know. This is my first step forward. Mental health is serious and anyone struggling should always be treated with respect. If you aren’t sure if your words to someone in this situation are appropriate, always ask yourself “would I say this to someone who has a physical illness, like cancer?” Be respectful. Always. Plain and Simple.

My incomplete homage to such a lovely artist

My incomplete homage to such a lovely artist

My Story: There are two mental health issues that I have been living with – one has been a loyal companion for the better part of my life, while the other is a newer surprise. They are: anxiety and depression. While I accept all the challenges that anxiety has to offer, depression was something I was just not equipped to handle/comprehend.


Nights In (Cozy Holiday Nights)


While my days here might not be as cold as normal, there is still plenty of darkness and chills that exist in the later nights to send me into a “Cozy Holiday” feeling. Christmas is a bittersweet time for me – whilst I adore the joy and happiness that fills the air, it always saddens me to know that, like everything else, it must eventually end. But while I could sit and dwell upon this fact for endless hours, I must remember it’s only the beginnings of this festive period! I am going to make the most out of it, and that starts with a typical, cozy night.