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Tea 102 – Concoct & Enjoy


Time for part 2 of my tea adventure! Originally, I thought I could combine all of this into one post…but no. It would have been way too much (and quite honestly Tea 101 is probably already too long). Find part 1 here.



Tea 101 – Prepare, Brew & Steep


PS Sorry for the hand-drawn sketches – my camera is officially broken and is going back to the motherland

Recently I was reunited with my best friend from high school (Hi Sammy if you are reading)! We went out for a lovely dinner, and then drove back to my place for a much needed Gilmore Girls/Best Friend session. Plus, I also wanted her to try some of my loose leaves that I have!

Everyday we make assumptions, and it so hard to break that cycle sometimes. Things that are routine for us, can be completely foreign to others. This was the case when I asked Sam which tea she wanted to try. The moment I popped the question, she looked up at me: confused, overwhelmed, and clueless. I realized, then and there, that we had to do a Tea 101. And I must say, after doing it, I realized how much I loved it! It’s so exciting to share one of your passions with someone.


Top Sips of 2015

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Teavana White Chocolate & Peppermint Latte

With the start of the new year always comes Best of 2015 videos/posts! I personally adore them. I love hearing about everything people liked over the past year. It so much fun to see if anyone liked the same things you did, and if they didn’t, you get to see new things to try.


Under the Weather? Warm Youself Up Inside!

IMG_2024 (2)

Sipping on: Peppermint Tea
Watching: Cinderella (Live Action)

With at least 6 people in the office sick and a boyfriend with strep going into Christmas week, I was doing everything humanly possible to not join this elite group. I thought I was in the clear…until I awoke on Christmas morning. I know when I am getting a cold – it starts with the body aches and then the throat. To say it is beyond upsetting to be sick over the holidays in an understatement, especially when you have the next upcoming week off from work. Long story short, and a week later, I am finally starting to enter the tail-end of my sickness.


Sip of the Month – December 2015

I decided to start doing a Sip/Tea of the Month and share which tea I have been enjoying the most. Let me say that December is not an easy month to start with – there are so many seasonal teas in the competition!

After thinking about ALL the cups I have drank in the past month (and trust me this is an extremely large number), it finally occurred to me which tea shines in the spotlight! Drumroll please……. DAVIDsTEA Mint Matcha!


Yes. Parsley is in the background, not mint. But hey, at least it’s green!