Little Happy Moments

One of the most difficult things in life is to see the light within all the darkness. But even in those horrible moments, even on your worst days, there is always the possibility for hope.

With each acknowledgement of happiness, we take a step closer towards becoming a better version of ourselves. Sure, it’s not the easiest path; but most things worth while rarely are. It takes great strength to believe in yourself and others. But in the end, it’s worth it.

Next time your finding life difficult, take a look up at the night sky. Stars are there as a reminder…a reminder that sometimes a little darkness is needed to shine bright and appreciate the light.


Day 1: New co-worker, whom I just getting to know,surprised me with a candle for my birthday.

Day 2: Facetiming with Emmy – my yoga loving, larger than life bestie

Day 3: Spending the day with my mother (Too many things to be thankful…it is Thanksgiving after all)

Day 4: Spreading out my tea collection and admiring it all

Day 5: Christmas decorating and camera shots (I love a good flat lay)

Day 6: Guinness & Movies

Day 7: Personal day off = no work = shopping peacefully everywhere = even more DAVIDsTEA purchases

Day 8: While traveling for work, got to cut through Manhattan to get home 🙂

Day 9: Vlogmas videos…need I say more

Day 10: Late night blanket snuggles under the Christmas Tree lights

Day 11: Found a new blog Bugs and Birds – A Blog (Check them out!)