Time to Steep #8

Bluebird Tea Company

My little note from my little Bluebirds

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It feels like ages since I’ve done a Time to Steep…let’s be honest, it has been ages. Who am I trying to fool?!? But I must say, I have been waiting to do this specific review since December. Why the wait? Well…

Firstly, I wrote the wrong address on my order..so it was 100% my fault. Basically, after the extended holiday expected shipping window and customs check, it got “sent” to a non-existent address. My hopes were almost shattered when the company said they would keep an eye out for a return package, but they usually find that with international orders, packages don’t make their way back. Jump to me frantically calling the post asking what they would do in this situation; the wonderful postal worker said it would have been sent back – no ifs, ands or buts! To my complete happiness, it actually made its way back (I think it was to company’s happiness as well haha). It finally got mailed back to me (I tripled checked the address when I gave it for re-shipment). Then, when I got it, I still had to wait until I gave my cousins their portion of the order! Long story, but you just had to know the struggle I went through to get this tea and how much more I appreciate it now!

So without further adieu, my next review is on….Bluebird Tea Company! Most of my selections (especially for my cousins’ presents) were based on the recommendations of Bugs and Birds! Three of their recommendations were: Dozy Girl, Gingerbread Chai and Snowball. They probably recommended more, but I can’t remember haha I was just too excited at the potential to try the tea!

What I Ordered:
– MojiTEA
– Gingerbread Chai
– Dozy Girl
– Christmas Cake
– Snowball*
– Tea Bags – Mixed Bags*
*Specifically for me

Thankfully, the Mixed Tea Bag Set has all the top favorite teas at Bluebird! For me, this was perfect because I wanted to try a bit of everything before I fully committed to anything! I also treated myself to Snowball because I have only heard raves about this tea!

Bluebird Gingerbread Chai

Bluebird Gingerbread Chai Latte

I love this combination. It is unbelievably refreshing, and brings you to sunshine thoughts. Reminds me of sipping drinks outside a little restaurant in Miami. Remember this won’t taste exactly like a mojito (due to no alcohol) but those mint and lime flavors are front and center.
Ingredients: Chinese green tea, peppermint, dried lime pieces, lemongrass, lime leaves, stevia

Gingerbread Chai
In case you were unaware, this originally seasonal tea was so popular and in demand that Bluebird made it an all year round tea. It remains on the top favorites even to this day. My opinion:  it’s really frickin good! The spices are on point, and no single flavor overwhelms all the others. P.S. It’s a must try in latte form.
Ingredients: rooibos, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, mallow flowers

Dozy Girl
Bugs and Birds described this to me as an aromatherapy experience, and that is exactly what it is. Once it begins to steep, you can place your face above the steaming herbal pool and take a deep breath. With each inhale, you’ll be transported to a euphoric floral state. Bottom line – if you love floral teas, you must try this! No exceptions!
Ingredients: chamomile, lemon verbena, hibiscus, rose petals, lavender

A little yummy treat to enjoy at night, or a dessert substitute if you wish! My adventure into chocolate tea this year was a good choice, and Snowball makes it to the top. It combines two of my favorite things – coconut & marshmallows – for a delectable treat. If you want a good holiday tea when season comes, I recommend this. P.S. this too is an amazing latte!
Ingredients: Celylon black tea, coconut pieces, cacao bean, cocoa shells, dessicated coconut, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, red cornflowers, flavour

PS Thanks again to the lovely ladies at Bluebird Tea Co who helped me through all my shipping struggles! You guys were amazing and so kind!

PSS Bugs and Birds, you are the Bluebird Tea whispers! Thanks for the suggestions. I cannot wait to try more in the future!

Have any of you tried Bluebirds? If so, what are your favorites?

With love, Steph



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